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Robert Weed is one of the leading bankruptcy attorneys in the State of Virginia.  Welcome to my website.

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Since 1993, the Law Office of Robert Weed has helped twelve thousand people file bankruptcy in Northern Virginia.

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If your finances are interfering with your work, your family, your health, your life – we need to talk about what bankruptcy can do to help you.

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If you have questions about a Virginia Bankruptcy, you've come to the right place!

Welcome to my website. I’m Northern Virginia bankruptcy lawyer Robert Weed. 

You’ve taken a big step. You have decided to learn more about how bankruptcy works here in Virginia.

Maybe you heard my name from a friend or family member.  Maybe you just found me on the internet.  Either way, I want to meet you with plenty of information–enough for you to decide if we should talk in person. Spend as much time here as you want–learning about the idea behind bankruptcy. What bankruptcy does.  Why people file bankruptcy and how they feel about it.

How To Solve Your Debt Problems With Robert Weed

Northern Virginia Bankruptcy Attorney

Like anything new, bankruptcy can be scary.  From my viewpoint, bankruptcy is about happy endings.  I can help nearly everyone I see–many folks after we finish our work, say, “I wish I had done it sooner.”

From your point of view, you want me to prove that I know what I’m talking about.

Some of the information you find here will probably be what you already know.  Some may be different than what “everybody says”.

When we get together in person, I want to spend our hour together talking about your big question. 

“What Will Bankruptcy Do For Me?”

To answer that question in one hour, I’ll need to do my homework.  I’ll need to know a lot about you.  And you’ll probably want to know a lot about me.

When we meet, I want to make sure that bankruptcy is the best thing for you–and if we decide it is, we want to be sure we are doing it in the best way for you.

Over two million people will file bankruptcy this year.  That’s about one out of every hundred American adults in just one year.

If this keeps up, nearly half the people in the country will file bankruptcy at some point in their lives.

Northern Virginia Bankruptcy

Eleven thousand bankruptcies were filed in 2010 here in Northern Virginia.  Nine thousand four hundred in 2011.

What does that tell you?  A lot of people are hurting.  And, for most people, bankruptcy works.

The bankruptcy law, first passed in 1898, is still there. In 2005, changes made the paperwork harder and the regulations trickier, but most people can still get the debt relief they need. Bankruptcy law in Virginia still works.

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