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Aug 2010

Lawyer Klinette Kindred named bankruptcy trustee

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The Bankruptcy Law Office of Robert Weed is proud to announce that Klinette Kindred has been named a bankruptcy trustee.  Kindred joins the panel of six chapter 7 bankruptcy trustees in Alexandria, Virginia.  New appointments to the panel are very rare.  Five of the six chapter 7 bankruptcy trustees have served for more than twenty years.

Kindred is an honors graduate of Virginia State University.  She earned her law degree at the University of Virginia.   She has been a bankruptcy attorney with the Law Office of Robert Weed for more than ten years.

Kindred has been the Chapter 13 attorney for the Bankruptcy Law Office of Robert Weed.  She also handles most of the law firm’s hearings and court appearances.

As a bankruptcy trustee, Kindred will be assigned cases beginning  in September 2010.   Her duties include, conducting the meeting of creditors,  investigating the financial affairs of the debtor, collecting non-exempt assets of the debtor, for prompt distribution to creditors,  and opposing the discharge of the debtor, when advisable.

Trustee service is a part-time.   Attorney Kindred will continue her work with the Bankruptcy Law Office of Robert Weed.    She is based in the firm’s Alexandria, VA, office.

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  • Erick Blackwelder

    September 3, 2010, pm30 3:12 PM

    Congratulation! Klinette, you deserve the honor of joining an important organization.

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  • Robert Weed

    November 24, 2011, pm30 5:40 PM

    As the trustee work took more and more time, Ms Kindred had to phase out her work with the Law Office of Robert Weed. She finished her work with us October 30, 2011.

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