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Feb 2014

Herndon Bankruptcy Lawyer Information

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Looking for a top-rated bankruptcy lawyer in Herndon, VA?

Let’s stop the phone calls ASAP and clear the debt.  You can eliminate the stress and take control of your life again.

I’m Northern Virginia Bankruptcy Lawyer Robert Weed. For twenty years, I’ve served people in Herndon from my bankruptcy lawyer office in Sterling, VA. I’m the full time bankruptcy lawyer closest to Herndon.

It Costs a Lot to Live Around Here

Herndon bankruptcy lawyer Robert Weed

I love being a bankruptcy lawyer, because I can help almost everyone I meet.

I’ve helped people file bankruptcy in Herndon since 1993.  I’ve talked to nearly a thousand people in Herndon and Reston about their financial problems. I know why even people with strong incomes can need a “a new opportunity in life and a clear field for future effort.”  (That’s what the Supreme Court says is the purpose of bankruptcy.) It costs a lot to live here.

The average house payment or rent for a family of four is $2689. The high cost of living is one reason the number of Hendon bankruptcy filings is two thousand total since 2007.

Many people in Herndon have long commutes.  It’s 24 miles to Washington, DC.  It’s hard to get where you are going without paying a toll. Most people in Herndon are homeowners–and the housing crisis hit hard here.

Children are expensive.  The average family size in Herndon is bigger than the rest of Fairfax county. The tech economy in Herndon has been hurt by budget uncertainties in Congress. All those factors explain why more of your Herndon neighbors have filed bankruptcy than you might expect.

The purpose of bankruptcy is to help you

Another reason the Herndon bankruptcy rate is high.  People in high income communities have something to lose!  The purpose of bankruptcy is to help you–there’s a reason Donald Trump’s businesses have been in Chapter 11 four times. (Donald Trump said that bankruptcy laws do a great job.“)

Many people mistakenly think the bankruptcy is some kind of punishment.  Actually, bankruptcy is a tool to protect what you have.  One reason I like being a bankruptcy lawyer:  I can help nearly everyone who comes to see me.

The 2005 Bankruptcy Reform Was Designed to be Hard on High Income People

It can be tough for higher income people to get approved for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy.  The 2005 bankruptcy reform law tries to push all families over the median income into Chapter 13 payment plans.  (As of September 2013, the median income in Virginia is $75,774 for a family of three; $90,945 for a family of four.)  A majority of the families in Herndon are over that Virginia median income.  But few, when they get into financial trouble, could actually afford a five year Chapter 13 payment plan.  (Most Chapter 13 plans fail.) Five of the twelve highest income counties in America are in Northern Virginia.  I have offices in four of those counties.

I get more over-median income families approved for chapter 7 bankruptcy than any other lawyer in Northern Virginia. Here are what some of my Herndon bankruptcy satisfied customers say. (For hundreds more reviews, you can go here.  And here.)

Marjorie H, of Herndon, Virginia says…

Exceptional Support

In the midst of a highly unstable work as a secretarial temp, trying to figure my way out of a very scary financial situation after divorce, Attorney Weed and his staff provided a level of care not often seen in today’s marketplace. From scheduling appointments at a convenient time around my work hours to providing resources for overcoming stress and depression, I believe that Attorney Weed and his staff will be listed as all-time friends. Good level-headed, real people who know what they’re doing. Very professional.

Cathy R, of Herndon, Virginia tells you…

Veronica has been very helpful at a difficult situation in finishing my Bankrupcy

Mr. Weed has find staff and I appreciate all the hard work they have proved me with in my coming to completion on my Bankruptcy. I have been dragging my feet and each time I called for help they were available to help me. Thanks Robert for having a great staff especially Veronica. Thanks, Cathy R.

Steven L of Herndon, Virginia writes…

Took great care of my situation, start to finish

Robert Weed is clearly a master of his craft. Not only does he know his bankruptcy law, but he and his staff are a delight to work with as well. There is no higher recommendation i can give than this: Mr. Weed and his team can help you navigate a difficult and slippery $@!#% to make sure you have a chance to start fresh. As a bonus, Robert Weed writes a blog where he posts outstanding informative articles that are helpful to other bankruptcy lawyers but written where anybody can understand!

Shaun of Herndon, Virginia notes…

Straight forward and organized

The first thing I noticed about Robert Weed versus the other 3 people I called, was he had a list of information that he wanted before we even had our first meeting. The other guys, wanted to meet me first. It was a little overwhelming but it made me 110% more comfortable going in knowing that Robert Weed knew exactly what he needed in order to get my bankruptcy done. Even on my court date, Robert Weed was organized and ready to go, while the other guys were fiddling for paperwork. Robert Weed had 6 bankruptcies in one day. The other guys had one. Robert Weed went through them as if this was something he does every day and the other guys were fumbling. The difference was night and day. I almost wanted to laugh at how disorganized they all looked in comparison.
Sterling-Ashburn bankruptcy office. 45575 Shepard Dr, Sterling VA

My office at 45575 Shepard Dr, Sterling, is two blocks from the intersection of Sterling Blvd and Rt 28. Close to Ashburn, Chantilly and Herndon and Reston.

Herndon bankruptcy lawyer office

My Sterling office is a a townhouse complex number 45571 – 45595. But the budilings on either side are number 1420 and 1402. Very strange!

                  Shepard Drive is only one block long.  But there are two numbering systems on that block.  We’re in an office complex numbered 45551 to 45595.  But the buildings on either side at 1402 and 1420.  So if you see 1420 Shepard, that means you ARE on the right block.

My Sterling bankruptcy lawyer office is about ten minutes from Herndon.

There are no full-time Herndon Bankruptcy Lawyers

But, my Sterling office is only ten minutes away. Bankruptcy is all I do.  I know it’s hard to talk to someone about your financial situation.  But I can tell you–you’ll like our friendly service with a smile. You can read more of my 600 five-star reviews, here.    When you read what they say, you can see the smiles.

Herndon bankruptcy rate–one family of every ten since 2007

Herndon is located in western Fairfax County.  Fairfax is the third highest income county in America, (Loudoun is first) and Herndon has higher income that the county average. So you might be surprised that 253 people and couples filed bankruptcy in Herndon in 2012 and 2013.  In the seven years since the housing crisis in 2007, about one out of every ten families in Herndon filed bankruptcy. Are you surprised?  I’m not.

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Robert Weed has helped twelve thousand people file bankruptcy in Northern Virginia. Robert Weed is a frequent panelist and speaker at the meetings of the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys. He is one of Northern Virginia’s most experienced personal bankruptcy lawyers. As an expert on changing consumer bankruptcy laws, Robert Weed has been interviewed on local and national TV and quoted in newspapers across the country.