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Apr 2014

Is VirginiaDebtRelief.org really BBB rated A+

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VirginiaDebtRelief.org, one of those “Avoid Bankruptcy” outfits–is unusual because they claim to be rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau.

These debt settlement operations work the same way–people stop paying their cards, put some money away for settlement, the company settles a couple small ones, collects a fee, and then the consumer gets sued on the big cards and figures out this was all not much better than a scam.

How can these people be rated A+ by the BBB.?

Virginia bankruptcy lawyer Robert Weed

I’m Virginia Bankruptcy Lawyer Robert Weed. I hate debt relief operations that scam people who are trying to avoid bankruptcy.

We figured it out.  The website virginiadebtrelief.org is owned by an internet advertising outfit, called Envoy Media.  Envoy Media has never had any complaints to the BBB.  And Envoy puts their A+ rating on the website they own, virginiadebtrelief.org.

The A+ Better Business Bureau rating of Envoy Media,  the advertising firm, who look to be good at what they do, is transferred over to the debt settlement operation, whose unhappy customers don’t know about Envoy.

Slick.  Deceptive, too.

I did this research for a bankruptcy client who smelled the scam and dropped out very quickly, so we did not push this issue very hard.   Next time, we will.

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