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Jul 2015

Alexandria Bankruptcy Courthouse at 200 S Washington Street

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Here’s the Alexandria VA Bankruptcy Hearing Room and Alexandria Bankruptcy Courthouse.

Most people who file bankruptcy never go to the courthouse.  Most people never see the actual bankruptcy judge.  Bankruptcy initial hearings (called “the meeting of creditors”)are at 115 S Union Street.

Bankruptcy hearings--the "Meeting of Creditors"--are here.  Birkenstock has gone out of business.

Bankruptcy hearings–the “Meeting of Creditors”–are here. Birkenstock has gone out of business.

Complicated cases end up here, at the Alexandria Bankruptcy Courthouse, in front  of the Bankruptcy Judge.  It’s 200 S Washington St.  A real courthouse.  

Alexandria Bankruptcy Courthouse

Alexandria Bankruptcy Courthouse. 200 S Washington St.  This classic front entrance now is blocked off. You need to come in through security on the side door, Prince Street.

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