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Nov 2021

Sports Gambling Comes to Virginia

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Sports Gambling Comes to Virginia

Like most people, I’ve noticed that ads for sports gambling have taken over the TV (at least on basketball and college football, which is about all the TV I watch.) Sports gambling was legalized in Virginia April last year and began in January 2021.

sports gambling

Legalized sports gambling is good for bankruptcy lawyers. But bad for American families.

Now in October and November, I’ve met two people who each lost more than $40,000 betting on sports in the last six months.  (Neither had a gambling problem before.)

Maybe a couple times a year I talk with people who are considering bankruptcy because of casino gambling at National Harbor.  From where I set, sports gambling is fast becoming a far bigger problem.  

I’m wondering if it takes about a year for sports gambling to suck people in.  A few bets here and there, a little more, and suddenly it’s a destructive, life-wrecking addiction.

That’s good news for bankruptcy lawyers.  But very bad for American families.




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