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Jun 2022

One Way to Get Ready for Recession: Bankruptcy

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Get Ready for a Recession

Michelle Singletary in Wednesday’s Washington Post writes about getting ready for a recession.  Two pieces of her advice: clear your credit card debt; and start saving.

Recession ahead

Are you paying your debts down every month? Or are debts going up?  How will you get out of debt when the recession hits?

Suppose the recession hits hard ten months from now–April 2023.  Will your credit cards be paid off?  If there’s a lot of slack in your budget, then maybe you can get there.  But what if you are barely making it now?

Filing bankruptcy, for many people, is the quick and easy way to clear your credit card debt. And if you start now, your bankruptcy can be finished this year, so you can start saving.  

Before the recession: Take a hard look at your monthly payments

Take a look at where your monthly payments are going now, before the recession. Are you rapidly reducing your debt? Or only paying just enough on the cards that you can use them to buy groceries for another month? If you are not digging your way out of debt now–while inflation is still new and job openings are everywhere–you will never be able to do it when times get tight.

For most people, bankruptcy works.



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