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Jul 2022

Alternatives to Bankruptcy: Do Nothing: Just Don’t Pay

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For People Living on Just Social Security–Alternative to Bankruptcy: Do Nothing: Just Don’t Pay

People file bankruptcy for three reasons.

  • So the bill collectors quit calling.
  • So they can’t garnish you.
  • And to get back to good credit.

Are you living on just social security? If we look at those three reasons, we can see why maybe you do NOT need to file bankruptcy. Your alternative to bankruptcy is: do nothing: just don’t pay.  

Will you need future good credit to buy a car?

Will you need good credit to buy a car? If no, maybe do nothing and just don't pay.

Does your car have more good years ahead than you are likely to need? Then your alternative to bankruptcy may be do nothing and just don’t pay.

We hope you have a lot of good years still ahead of you. We also hope your car has a lot of good years ahead of it. Is there any reason you’ll ever need good credit to finance another car? Filing bankruptcy can good for your credit.  Much better for your credit than: Do Nothing: Just Don’t Pay. But does better credit matter to you?  

If You Do Nothing and Just Don’t Pay, Are Your Worried They’ll Garnish your Social Security?

They can’t garnish your social security. They can’t garnish it from the Social Security Administration. And also–thanks to Obama–they can’t garnish it from your bank.

Can You Handle Bill Collector Calls if You Just Don’t Pay

That leaves the calls. When the bill collectors call you, tell them straight. “I am never gonna pay.” You should add, “All I have is social security; I can’t afford to pay and you can’t garnish my social security.” Finally, “Don’t call. I am never gonna pay.”

I’m Never Gonna Pay: Call My Lawyer

Some people find it hard to leave it at “Don’t call, I’m never gonna pay.” If you want to, you can add, “Call my lawyer.” For me to be your lawyer to take those calls, I’d charge $600.00. For some people, that’s worth it.

Here’s an idea. Try telling them “I’m never gonna pay” for a couple weeks. Then if you think you want to add, “Call my lawyer,” you can make another appointment and we’ll set that up.

This is America and the truth still usually works fine. “All I have is social security. I can’t afford to pay and I am never gonna pay.”

Do you own any real estate?

If you have any real estate or other valuable assets, this advice does NOT apply to you.  Talk to a lawyer right away.


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