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Sep 2022

Settling Her Debts through Americor, Sheriff Brings a Warrant

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Trying to Settle Her Debts through Americor, Liz gets a Warrant in Debt

Liz was shocked when the sheriff brought a warrant in debt for her $2680 Victoria’s Secret account.

Sheriff brings a warrant in debt

How do you get a warrant in debt? A deputy sheriff can bring it. Or the creditor can hire a private process server.

Liz Tried to Settle Her Debts

Liz tried to settle her debts. She worked through Americor and gave them $664 per month. Victoria’s Secret was her biggest credit card, how come they hadn’t been taken care of.

She then looked at her credit report and saw only one account–CareCredit for $712–was reporting to the credit bureaus as “Settled for Less Than Full Balance.” Everybody else was just reporting “past due–charge off.” Her credit score was terrible.

Liz had been paying $664 a month to settle her debts. What had she gotten? Credit score in the low 500’s and the sheriff bringing warrant in debt papers to her door.

Bankruptcy Stops the Warrant in Debt

Frustrated and angry, Liz called me. I had done a bankruptcy for her once before back in 2011 and she remembered my name. With her new bankruptcy, the warrant in debt was blocked, and in four months, she was clear of credit card debts totalling $25,237. (Americor had told her it would take two years, and of course it didn’t work.)

Americor Reviews

PS Americor claims to be “The Nation’s Leading Provider of Consumer Credit & Debt Relief Solutions.” Mixed in with their really good Google reviews, are one-star reviews from people who had the same experience as Liz.

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