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Mar 2023

I Just Renewed My Membership in Consumer Advocates

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Why I’m a Member of the National Association of Consumer Advocates

I’m a bankruptcy lawyer.  When I first started I said “All I do is Bankruptcy.”  What I found out is that people in financial trouble are magnates for illegal stuff being done to them.  A lot of that is fair credit reporting violations and fair debt collection violations.  

I wanted to know more about those things, so I joined the National Association of Consumer Advocates.  

Fair Credit Reporting and Fair Debt Collections law

                            I’ve been a member of NACA since 2006

I learned more about FCRA–fair credit reporting law.  And creditor harassment law–the FDCPA.   I’m NOT and expert on either of those, but I can spots violations and can sue on behalf of my bankruptcy clients.  Years ago, I posted on my website that “suing debt collectors is my hobby.”

I see a lot fewer violations than I used to.  I’m guessing that’s because enough lawyers got good at FCRA and FDCPA law that the credit bureaus and debt collectors had to get into compliance with the law.  But I’m still on the lookout for violations when I talk to my clients–and I warn them on after bankruptcy violations to look out for themselves.  

NACA is a Leader in the Fight Against Compulsory Arbitration

Compulsory arbitration is a personal hot button of mine.  The Seventh Amendment to the Constitution guarantees the right to trial by jury in civil cases.  The Federal Arbitration Act, at least as it’s been enforced, overrides that constitutional right.  NACA is a leader in the fight to change that.  

Unlike fair credit reporting and fair debt collection, compulsory arbitration is NOT something that comes up much with my bankruptcy clients.  But it’s an important consumer right.

 So I just renewed my NACA membership for another year.

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