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Bankruptcy Attorney in Annandale, VA

Annandale bankruptcy lawyer Robert Weed is one of Northern Virginia’s top rated, most experienced, personal bankruptcy attorneys. Proudly serving Annandale and Fairfax County for 25+ years. Call 703-335-7793 today to schedule a phone consultation or Zoom appointment.

  • For most people, bankruptcy works.  Bankruptcy gives you a new start in five ways. The creditors can’t call you or bill you. They can’t garnish or sue you. Your credit score will go up. You’ll sleep better and be smarter.
  • Sleep better tonight: Over 15,000 served since 1993, and 800+ five star reviews.
  • Five year warranty: We will fight any discharged creditor who shows a charge balance or payment due on your credit report.

Annandale Bankruptcy Lawyer Office

Springdale Professional Center
5019-C Backlick Rd
Annandale, VA, 22003

Why Robert Weed Law:

In 2019 Robert Weed Law surveyed 103 past clients. Here’s what they said.

Is your life better because you filed bankruptcy?

“It has made a huge difference in giving me peace of mind. My credit was already ruined, and since I filed I have been able to re-establish my credit. I am living life again, not stressed and feeling hopeless.”

Diana, Woodbridge VA
Have you been able to re-establish credit?

“There are many things to consider and Mr. Weed was not only an obviously experienced attorney but I felt he was compassionate as well. Although each bankruptcy differs, I can honestly tell you that through his guidance I’ve been able to get my credit score to a 690 average and I recently purchased a brand new automobile at 5.9 percent! AMAZING!”

Rodney, Leesburg VA
Are you sleeping better than you did before you filed?

“I’m no longer stressed out all the time, I can sleep at night, and I’m just happier in general.”

Alanna, Manassas VA
Are you glad you selected the Law Office of Robert Weed?

“Do what you have to do to financially protect yourself and your family . . . I wish I had consulted Robert Weed sooner.”

Matthew, Centreville VA

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Fun Facts About Annandale VA

Annandale is the name of a Scottish village and a strath–a large valley–in Scotland. Robert the Bruce, who became King of Scotts was 7th Lord of Annandale.

Annandale Virginia was settled in 1685 and was then known as Ravensworth.  There’s an article about how and when the name Annandale was adopted, but nobody seems to know.  

For many years the Annandale zip code 20003 had the largest population of any zip code in Northern Virginia.  (Now Stafford 22554 is larger.)