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Robert Weed Bankruptcy Lawyer Ratings and Reviews

Are you nervous about filing bankruptcy? Want to be sure you are getting the right advice? Is bankruptcy what’s best for you and your family?

Do you know the five ways bankruptcy makes your life better?

Are you searching for the best bankruptcy lawyer in Northern Virginia?

More than eight hundred happy customers have voted five stars to our bankruptcy law firm.

Read these Reviews and You’ll See the Smiles.

“Hands down the best bankruptcy lawyer in the DMV PERIOD!!! I talked to 8 Bankruptcy lawyers before I talked to Mr Weed. All of them had me feeling like it was no hope and I was probably a chapter 13 because of my income.  I was about to get wage garnished and I felt like giving up.

Mr. Weed asked me the right questions to understand how I got to where I was and once he showed me the reason I was definitely a chapter 7 I realized why he is the Bankruptcy King. And by the way there staff is absolutely amazing, Thank God I chose Robert Weed” – Donnell D. Woodbridge, VA


“I honestly had know idea what I was going to do. I was drowning and my stress was so high. Mr. Weed was a kind and caring man. I felt comfortable with him and putting him in charge. Follow his guidelines and you do your work it will all come together. Thank you so much for helping me through this very hard time. I would recommend him and his staff any day to help you” – Cheryl S. Bealeton, VA


“It was like a burden lifted of my shoulders. Robert Weed and his team are wonderful. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who is considering bankruptcy. Thank you Robert.” – Renita P. Woodbridge, VA.

Now every case is different. I’m required to tell you that results vary. When we get bad ratings, we have a few, we try to do better. It’s all we do.

Are You Looking for the Best Bankruptcy Lawyer in Northern Virginia?

We have helped fifteen thousand Northern VA families get debt relief through bankruptcy. If you read our best reviews–from an independent rating service–you can see the smiles.

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