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Virginia Bankruptcy Law FAQs

Bankruptcy Questions and Answers for People in Northern Virginia.

Llike most people we meet and talk with, you probably have questions about bankruptcy. Is it right for you and your family? Are the recent changes to the law helpful or harmful to your particular situation? You can navigate the questions below by clicking on individual topics.

What is Bankruptcy and What Are The Bankruptcy “Chapters”?

What were the Changes in the New Law? What does it Mean for You and What is the new law “Means Test?”

Does the Bankruptcy Court Take My Property?

The Bankruptcy Bad Credit Myth Explored and Explained

What About My Security Clearance? Will filing bankruptcy hurt my clearance?

Where is the Bankruptcy Court?

What About … Bank Accounts, Immigration Status, Tax Refunds, Employer Privacy, Garnishments?

Is Bankruptcy My Only Option? What about Debt Negotiation?

How Can I Pay The Legal Fee? How Much Does it Cost?


Do You Need to Ask A Question?

If you live in Virginia, and “just need to ask one question”–before you decide to make an appointment–here’s what you can do.


There’s a lot of bad information out there about how bankruptcy works.  I hope I can clear some of that up.
Virginia bankrutpcy lawyer Robert Weed

There’s a lot of bad information out there about bankruptcy. So I understand if you “just want to ask one question” before you make an appointment for our 29 point bankruptcy consultation.

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