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Am I Eligible to File Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Virginia?

Your answer FREE! (We can talk this over by phone, when you’re ready.)

For most people, Chapter 7 bankruptcy is best.  In Chapter 7 bankruptcy your debts can be gone, and you can be on your way back to good credit in four months.  When people ask, am I eligible for bankruptcy, chapter 7 bankruptcy is usually what they mean.

But are you eligible for Chapter 7?

We don’t know for sure until we meet in person and go over your complete financial picture. But if you live in Virginia, we can get a pretty good idea based on your answers these seven questions.

What law applies to you?

1.Have you filed bankruptcy in the past eight years?

Do you have too much money to file Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Virginia?

Chapter 7 bankruptcy, usually, bad is good.

We use Edmunds for car values. Edmunds runs a little lower that Kelley or NADA, and in Chapter 7 bankruptcy, usually, bad is good.

2.Is the Edmunds value of any paid-off car more than $6000.00?

3.Do you have more than $5000.00 in the bank or in stocks, mutual funds, investments that are NOT retirement plans?

4.Is there equity in your real estate?  (We start with Zillow for real estate values.),

Do you have Virginia Chapter 7 income eligibility?

5.Are you above the median family income for Virginia?  Effective November 2020:

Family of 1:  $64,079      Family of 2:  $81,900     Family of 3:  $97,056   

Family of 4  $114,910     Family of 5:  $123,910     Family of 6:  $132,910

Are there debts Chapter 7 bankruptcy won’t fix?

6. Are you trying to get out of back taxes or student loans?

7. Are you trying to get out of alimony or child support?

Can You Answer “No” to All Seven Questions?

If you are answer “no” to all seven questions then probably you can easily qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. If you answer “yes” to any of these questions, we probably will need hard work and strategy to qualify you for chapter 7 bankruptcy.

You Notice I Said “Probably”

For each Chapter bankruptcy case we file, the official forms can run between thirty and sixty pages; with about three dozen more pages of back up papers. Any one thing on any of those could change the outcome of your case. So we don’t promise you that you are eligible—until we know for sure.

Our consultation is NOT a quick BS session or five minutes.  It’s personalized to you.  You give us a lot—detailed information on your financial situation.  We give you a lot—real answers to your questions.

About one third of my clients have problems with chapter 7 eligibility–but we get them into Chapter 7 anyway.  Compared to the other top bankruptcy law firms in Northern Virginia who do both Chapter 7 and Chapter 13, we have by far the fewest bankruptcy dismissals.  Our bankruptcies get approved! And that’s reflected in our eight hundred of top rated, five-star client reviews.

Every Case Is Different

We meet when we have everything in front of us.  We know the facts, we know the problems.  We use our time to figure out how to work our way around the problems.  So we can do what we can do that’s best—for you!

My initial consultation will be free. 

You will not owe me anything unless and until (1) you decide to retain me for a fee; (2) I agree to represent you on that basis; (3) you and I sign a written retainer agreement.

Hope to see you soon! — You’ll like our friendly service with a smile.  Robert Weed

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If you want to make a consultation appointment, use our Get Started Now email box. Or call 703-335-7793, our main switchboard.  Contact us today and sleep better tonight.  (Phone and Zoom appointments are working well during the pandemic.)