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How to Download Your NSLDS File from StudentAid.gov

The first step to clearing your Federal student loans in bankruptcy is to get your student loan history. That means you need to know how to download your NSLDS file.  

Downloading NSLDS file

Downloading your NSLDS file from studentaid.gov is the first step to discharging your student loans in bankruptcy.  That’s the first step to discharging your student loans in bankruptcy.

You can follow these written instructions:

    1. Log into your account at https://studentaid.gov
    2. In the right hand corner beneath your name use the down arrow to access your Dashboard.
    3. On your dashboard, select “View Details” in the right hand corner of the “My Aid” section.
    4. On the right hand side, select “Download My Aid Data”.
    5. Select “Continue” to download your Student Loan Data to computer.

             This file will download as a text file

You can also watch this easy-to-follow video:


Why Do I Want to Download my NSLDS?

President Biden, November 2022, changed the government policy on Federal student loans in bankruptcy.  

Instead of fighting tooth and nail–under the old standard of paralyzed, never work again–the new rule is the government will agree to clear your student loans, if you are really broke.

Downloading your NSDLS is the first step to see if you can get approved under the new policy.

Send the NSLDS to me

Please upload the NSLDS when you get it to your Jubilee Portal.  Or email it to me, [email protected]