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Life After Bankruptcy | Relief and Happiness

Life After Bankruptcy - Robert Weed

An amazing 92% said life as better after bankruptcy. And 99% said they were glad they selected Robert Weed as their attorney.

In 2020, there was an internet survey of 120 men and women who filed bankruptcy with me.  The survey asked, is your life better?  We also asked to tell us in their own words what they would say to people thinking about filing now.

Amazing 92% agreed life was better because they filed bankruptcy. Even more, 99% were glad they selected the Law Office of Robert Weed.

Here’s a sample of what people said.

Zeke, from Alexandria:  “We still cannot believe how lucky we were to find such professional and open lawyer who will patiently guide us through the entire process. ”

Melinda, from Vienna:  “Bob’s motto is “Be Happy”, and throughout the process I’ve had with Robert Weed, he has shown me that he provides that!  I suffered for much longer than I needed to suffer.  If you want to be happy and debt free, you need Robert Weed as your attorney.”

Rosalind, from Leesburg:  “I was depressed and very stressed when I came to Mr. Weed due to my illness with mounting medical debts. Now I sleep better, my stress level is down and I feel so much better about my finances now.”

Jandl, from Chantilly:  “It is approximately four years after we bankrupted from results of an incredible disaster. Mr. Weed developed and executed a strategy that helped our family get past the troubles and stop the nagging worry. He treated us with tremendous respect and started the path to healing.  Now completed and in the past we have a happy life with good credit….If you find yourself in peril please consult with him and his good offices for relief and forge a happy future for you and family.”

Want to know more?  You can download the full report by clicking here.

Virginia bankruptcy lawyer Robert Weed

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For most people, bankruptcy works.   Are you ready to find out how it would work for you? Call to set up a free consultation.  My number is 703-335-7793.

I tell people every day, “the purpose of bankruptcy is to help you.” As the Supreme Court said eighty years ago, bankruptcy is a new opportunity in life and a clear field for future effort. P.S.  When I read the report, I was so glad.  I like that people felt good about my law firm.  But I like ever more that they felt good about themselves.

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This video tells you more: The 5 Ways Bankruptcy Gives You a Fresh Start

We did this survey once before. You can download the 2012 survey report by clicking here.