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We Recommend Moneysharp.org for the Required Bankruptcy Classes

There are several dozen outfits that are approved to offer the required bankruptcy classes.  We recommend Moneysharp.org.

moneysharp.org bankruptcy class

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We like Moneysharp because the $10 price is reasonable, and because many people think those classes are actually helpful.  (Remember, even if they are not helpful to you, they are still required.)

You need to call 866-200-6825

To get this to work, you need to call the 866-200-6825 phone number twice.  Call it when you are ready to start, and have them charge it on my account. (That way I get a copy of the approval, that I can upload straight to the court.) 

You see they print my name right on the coupon. (Typing my name into the coupon code blank on the website isn’t enough; you still need to call.)

Then call again after you finish. They want to talk to you for a few minutes to confirm you paid some attention to the class.

They make you spend at least two hours on the internet.  Some people really get into it, and spend longer.

Don’t get bogged down. The bankruptcy classes are like the second grade: you can’t fail, you just have to be there.

There Are Two Bankruptcy Classes: You Can’t Take Them Together

You have to do the first class before we can send your papers to the court.

The second class can’t be done early–you can’t do it before we send in the papers.  It should be done during the month right after the papers go to the court, but before we go to the court.

Watch Out for Scammers

There are scammers who try to scare you into taking their more expensive second class. They send out an official-looking warning, to sign you up for their bankruptcy class, instead. Don’t fall for it. Do both classes with Moneysharp. They’re the people we work with and like best.

PS Moneysharp is also available En Espanol.

Ask about it when you call.