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What Does Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Cost in Virginia?

Here’s our payment schedule and work schedule:

What Does Chapter 7 Cost in Virginia April 2023

Lawyers are required to tell you what work we do for the money you pay.  A lot of lawyers are pretty sketchy about that.  I try to do better.

Do You Get More for Your Money with Us?  Higher success rate and higher customer ratings.

There are two reasons, besides price, you should select the Bankruptcy Law Office of Robert Weed. First, our success rate. Or more specifically, our very low failure rate: the percentage of bankruptcies that are dismissed. (Dismissed means thrown out. Discharged means approved.)

You can see here that our rate of bankruptcy dismissals if vastly different than many other bankruptcy lawyers.   Their dismissal rates run from six times to ten time more than ours!  (Here’s an update October 2019.)

Second, we have more than nine hundred five star reviews. Another lawyer, who has also done more than ten thousand bankruptcies, has fewer than eighty people who have given him five stars.  Our customers are ten times more likely to post a five star review.  We think that shows a real difference in the quality of our customer service.

What does bankruptcy cost in Virginia?

Whether your bankruptcy is simple or complex, you’ll like our friendly service with a smile.

What About Complicated Cases

Dozens of people every month come to the Law Office of Robert Weed for a different reason.  These people worry about complicated issues in the bankruptcy–and they want an experienced lawyer who will treat their case individually, and get the best possible result for them.

People who have complicated bankruptcy problems sometimes ask, what does bankruptcy cost in Virginia. They want top rated service, but at a fair price. 

Do you pick us out based on suggestion of one of our fifteen thousand happy customers, or the referral of another Northern Virginia lawyer, or reading our better than nine hundred five star reviews?  Did you talk to a different bankruptcy lawyer that you didn’t feel quite right about?

You want a bankruptcy law firm who will take you through the twists and turns of the law and bring you out where you are trying to go.

You’ve come to the right place.  For you, our legal fee will most likely be more than $3000.00 and could top $4000.00.  (Again, there’s $385 in filing fees in addition.)  When it’s over, you’ll agree it was worth it.

Or are you wondering, is bankruptcy is worth it?

Some people ask what does Chapter 7 bankruptcy cost, because they are not sure what bankruptcy actually does.  If you want to know the fives ways bankruptcy gives you a fresh start, I have great info on that, here. 

Here’s how we charge:

Fee Agreement April 2022

Whether your case is simple, or complicated, we charge a fair price and give you value for the money.  You’ll like our friendly service with a smile.  —  Robert Weed

I love being a bankruptcy lawyer, because I can help almost everyone I see.”

If you want to make an appointment, use call 703-335-7793, our main switchboard.  Contact us today and sleep better tonight.