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Where is the Northern Virginia Bankruptcy Court?

Where are the Northern Virginia bankruptcy hearings?

The bankruptcy court in Alexandria VA serves all of Northern Virginia. The Virginia bankruptcy court is a federal court. The Federal Court system divides Virginia into Eastern and Western districts.


We’re in the Eastern District, Alexandria Division

The Eastern District has four divisions: Alexandria, Richmond, Newport News and Norfolk.

The Alexandria Virginia Bankruptcy Court serves Alexandria, Arlington, Falls Church, Fairfax, Fairfax City, Loudoun, Prince William, Manassas and Manassas Park, Fauquier, and Stafford.

New Location September 2018. 1725 Duke Street.

After 40 years at the same location, the Bankruptcy Trustee hearings moved.  Starting September 2018, the new location is 1725 Duke Street, Alexandria.

The old address, on Union Street, near the Alexandria waterfront, was somewhat run down when the government selected that location.  That probably helped keep the rent low.  But the waterfront is hopping now and a hotel is scheduled to be built on that spot.

Bankruptcy hearings are at 1725 Duke Street #520

1725 Duke Street is the location of the bankruptcy trustee hearings. Room #520. You can recognize the building. It has Fidelity Investments outside signs on the ground floor. It’s across the street from the Whole Foods.  Parking in the building is $18.00!  But there are plenty of parking meters one block to the right on John Carlyle Street.

This new location is near the King Street Metro, for the small number of people who can get there by Metro.  For everyone else that means expensive parking near the Metro. You don’t want to do that.

But parking is easy if you know where to look.  If you get off the Beltway at Telegraph Rd.  Telegraph Rd North is just a ramp that puts you on Duke Street. 


Virginia bankruptcy hearings at 1725 Duke Street

1725 Duke Street. Here’s where the Northern Virginia bankruptcy trustee hearings are. Room 520.

location of the bankruptcy hearings in Alexandria VA

As you drive down Duke Street, on the left you’ll see the sign for this pizza restaurant, attached to the building where the bankruptcy hearings are.







Northern Virginia bankruptcy trustee hearing location.

New York Style Pizza Restaurant Quatro Formaggi is next to the office building where the Northern Virginia bankruptcy trustee hearings are held.  This is the view as y0u walk up

John Carlyle Street two blocks from the bankruptcy hearing

Two blocks from 1725 Duke Street, on John Carlyle Street, there are plenty of parking meters.


As you approach 1725 Duke Street, there is plenty of metered parking if you turn RIGHT on John Carlyle Street.  (1725 is on the LEFT, so you are going a block away.) You want to avoid the underground garage in the 1725 Duke St building. It’s $18.00

The parking meters line a small park, called John Carlyle Square.

If you are early, there are a couple places along John Carlyle Square, where you can get coffee.

Room 520 is where the bankruptcy hearings are. 

Here are some interior pictures at 1725 Duke Street. First is the sign on the door.

1725 Duke Street, $520, Bankruptcy hearing room.

This is the sign on the door to suite 520, 1725 Duke Street, Alexandria, where the Northern Virginia bankruptcy trustee hearings are held.


Here’s the waiting room, where you and I can talk.

Bankruptcy hearing waiting room

Waiting room, where people can talk to their lawyers. 1725 Duke Street #520, Alexandria VA







Here’s the hearing room itself.  The trustee sits up front, you can I across the table.  Plenty of audience room for the other people on the schedule, friends or family if you want to bring anyone, and the lawyers.

They do 14 people and hour, so for most people it takes less than three minutes.

Bankruptcy hearing room, interior. 1725 Duke St, Alexandria VA

Bankruptcy hearing room, 1725 Duke Street #520. The trustee and his helper sit facing the room. You and I sit across from them. The chairs on the side are for representatives of the Justice Department (very rarely) or your creditors. (We almost never see actual creditors. Mostly angry former spouses.)









Do you want to know more about what happens at the bankruptcy hearing? I have more info, here. 


Here’s a video version.