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We’re Zooming Virtual Bankruptcy Consultations

We’ve been Zooming–doing Zoom virtual bankruptcy consultations–since April 2020. We’re sticking with it.

We stopped in-office consultations with the March 2020 pandemic lock down.  (I first heard of Zoom when my church started using it. We’re a small congregation and can see everybody on screen.) 

Since April 2020 I’ve Zoomed bankruptcy consultations probably five hundred times.

Three advantages of Zoom virtual bankruptcy consultations

There are three advantages I’ve seen in doing virtual bankruptcy consultations.

First, it saves travel time.  The traffic in Northern Virginia is as bad as it’s ever been. It takes too long to get anywhere. Three minutes setting up a Zoom call is better than trying to drive ten miles around here.

Second, people are more comfortable.  Especially on the initial contact–what I call the Quick Call–it works out well. I’m at my own computer, where I can access all my info. And you are at home–or wherever–more comfortable and maybe more open than you’d be in an unfamiliar office.

I didn’t expect that. But I’ve seen we cover more ground and clear up more concerns with a virtual consultation.

Bankruptcy consultation on Zoom

I’m at my own computer, where I can access my info. And you are at home more relaxed than you’d be at a meeting in an unfamiliar office.

Alexandria Bankruptcy hearings are telephonic.

Hearings at the bankruptcy courts are now virtual, zoom and telephonic.  That started with the pandemic. Our association, NACBA, along with the National Association of Bankruptcy Trustees and the National Association of Chapter 13 Trustees, have all asked that policy to made permanent.

Documents can be a problem.

After our quick call, I invite you to fill in my Be Happy form.  That’s here.  Then we’ll send you a password and links to upload the required documents. (Transferring documents can be the hardest part of the virtual consultation.)

You likely already have some of the documents in pdf.  You can take a photo on your phone for the required ID.  Having access to a scanner can be helpful. Here’s info on a free scanner for your phone.     

Documents have a solution

Going to a nearby Staples or FedEx Office and faxing to us works well. Here’s our fax number.  703-677-8776. 

If you need to bring us hard copies of documents, two of my four virtual locations have full time receptionists.  

You can drop off documents there and they will get them to me.  (These are Regus shared office space buildings. I now work mainly from a “zoom studio.”)

                                            13800 Coppermine Rd, Herndon

                                            800 Corporate Drive #301, Stafford

For most people, Zoom virtual bankruptcy consultation works

With two years experience, I can say for most people, virtual consultations are better.