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Terms and Conditions

I’m a lawyer. You have the right to fire me at any time.  I have the right to be paid for the work done through that point. See Rule 1.16[4].  You have the right to a refund for any money you’ve paid that hasn’t been earned.

You have the right to fire your lawyer at any time.

My fee agreement provides for progress payments. I try to keep my fees and the work done to be about even. For example, your first payment is NOT a deposit. It is payment for work done and the legal services that go into effect, even before your bankruptcy case is filed.     

If we have an argument over fees, you can select two places for mediation. All lawyers in Virginia are subject to the rules of the Virginia State Bar.  You can request a fee mediation there. I’m also a member of the Better Business Bureau, and would participate in their voluntary dispute resolution program.   

If you fire me, I do NOT ask for more money than you have already paid, even if I have done more work than you paid me for.

We accept electronic payments through Jubilee Electronic Payments.   We do not accept cash or checks. We do NOT store your payment card information. Each payment you make to us must be separately authorized by you.

If you insist on doing something improper, I can’t help you and I am required to stop serving as your lawyer. But I may NOT disclose my reasons, unless you are a danger to the public. (I’ve never known that to come up in a bankruptcy case.)